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A Lesson from BP’s Enterprise Architecture Practice

The latest news in the Enterprise Architecture (EA) world is energy company BP’s adoption of IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF) to assess its EA management capability. Using the IT-CMF process, the company conducted a survey among its architects to identify weaknesses in its EA framework. To address these weaknesses, BP applied solutions which I think we as mid-level managers can find useful whether our organization has an EA program in place or not.

Lesson: How to Bridge the Strategy – Execution Gap
One of the weak areas found in the survey was the link between the Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management process. Sound familiar? It’s the classic Strategy-Execution gap. So how does BP take a crack at this most quintessential of problems? They do so by mapping applications to business processes which in EA parlance is The Application / Business Process Matrix. My last year’s course notes on EA shows it as a 2-dimensional matrix with ‘Business Processes’ on the Y-axis and ‘Applications’ on the X-axis.

My Sketch of a Simple Application / Business Process Matrix

The usefulness of this matrix is, as an IT manager, you can easily see which applications need to be enhanced owing to a particular strategy based on the business units / processes which that strategy touches on. On the other hand, you can provide justification for an application enhancement by showing the business processes that require it and subsequently the strategy behind it. Ultimately, maintaining your own Application / Business Process Matrix for your area of responsibility can help your organization more effectively execute its strategic plans. You can start with a rough sketch and subsequently build on it as your knowledge and experience grows.

BTW, BP takes it a step further by categorizing applications by criticality.

View the news article.


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