About This Blog

If you (tick all that apply):

– like technology

– like observing trends

– like thinking about the future

– like big-picture thinking

– like integrating systems

– like game changers

– are an IT mid-level manager* wanting to change the world with IT, one implementation at a time

then you are like me and this blog is for you!

Working in the complex and fast-paced world of technology doesn’t mean IT professionals always want ideas in Greek or in Geek-speak. IT professionals also want simple, practical ways to cope in their day-to-day tasks and contribute in meaningful ways to their organization.

So, here is my credo, the ‘IT Sketchbook Manifesto’, if you will.

The IT Sketchbook Manifesto

I believe in The Napkin Test – concepts can be made simple enough and bite-sized enough to be adopted and used. If you can sketch it on a small piece of paper, people are more likely to understand it and use it, yourself including.

I believe in The Snowball Effect – large, enterprise-wide implementations can be daunting. Convincing a group of people of a new concept can be near impossible as well. It makes sense to start small and build on the momentum.

I believe in The Big Picture – call it a holistic view, or a higher level of abstraction, looking at the Big Picture has benefits not limited to corporate organizational effectiveness. Your personal health, the environment and society as a whole also stand to gain when you work on widening your perspective and expanding your view.

* IT Mid-level Manager – Someone whose one foot is on the ground and the other around senior IT management i.e., you need to translate or correlate strategy to technical design / technical approach and vice versa.


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